Bath Cabinets

Bath Cabinets

An organized and clutter-free bathroom is heaven. Somehow we keep accumulating a lot of stuff in our bathrooms with our ever changing beauty routines and products. Before we start organizing a bathroom, it's better to remove the clutter. Check the expiry date on all the products and throw away the ones that have expired. If you have not used any product for more than a year, its time to throw it away. It's far easier to organize the fewer essential items.

At Kalanjiam, we have different bath cabinets and accessory for the different needs. We have a variety of Cabinets with and without mirrors, open and closed and with multiple doors, in different colors and finishes to suit any of your needs. 

Corner cabinets can be a convenient storage solution for unused corners and are versatile for storing the different products. The Crystal Corner Ivory cabinet has a translucent cover which lets you see the products so you can reach out easily. We also have cabinets in PVC finish that are opaque and hides the unnecessary details.

We also have cabinets with mirrors that can be placed in the wash basins and have dual functionality as a mirror and also as a storage unit.

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At Kalanjiam, we only sell branded and high-quality original products. You can get in touch with us if you do not find a specific product and we will do our best to get it for you.

- Kalanjiam Hardwares Kalanjiam Hardwares ,
Oct 31 2017.