Transform your bathroom from boring to beautiful

Transform your bathroom from boring to beautiful

Everyone talks about a clean home but a home is not spic-and-span unless the bathroom is sparkling too. A clean bathroom is the first step to a healthy home. It is the responsibility of everyone in the house to keep it clean and this includes keeping the bathroom dirt-free, smell-free and stain-free.

Here we give you some tips to follow daily so that you can achieve a spotless sparkling bathroom.

  •     Dirty clothes and towels stink – Don’t leave them in the bathroom
  •     Soap scum builds up easily – Spray showers with daily cleaner to prevent this
  •     Wipe the toilet tank, handle, seat, base and lip of the toilet bowl
  •     Swish water around the inside of the bowl with a toilet brush and flush
  •     Rogue hairs clog the drain and powder and toothpaste leave stains – a quick wipe down of the counters and sinks gets rid of these
  •     Keep a designated microfiber cloth under the sink for the mirror. Just lightly dampen the microfiber cloth and give the mirror a quick wipe.
  •     Wipe down the sink and bath fixtures regularly to make them shine
  •     Keep a bottle of all purpose cleaner under the vanity along with a bin of rags so everything is handy
  •     Also keep a container of cleaning wipes under the sink for quick clean ups any time
  •     A room freshener in the bathroom helps in our effort to keep the bathroom smelling fresh

- Kalanjiam Hardwares Kalanjiam Hardwares ,
Feb 13 2016.