Online Collection of Wide Range of Door Eye Viewer

Online Collection of Wide Range of Door Eye Viewer

When someone knocks on your front door or rings the calling bell, one normally has to guess who the person could be. Open the door without knowing who the caller is also poses a security threat.

An easy and affordable solution for this problem is the door eye. The door eye is a small fish-eye lens that allows residents to view outside without opening the door, while it restricts the person at the door (outside) from viewing into the home. 

So where can we get the best brands and wide collections of door eye viewers?

Kalanjiam Hardware is the best store for hardware fittings associated with door eye. We have a collection of door eye viewers in different materials - Brass and Zinc Alloy and the best brands Asian, Yale,Pag, etc.

 Visit the store to choose your door eye viewers and place your order today to receive it within the next 7 days

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Jul 19 2016.