Glass Vanity Basins - Shop Online for Best Price

Glass Vanity Basins - Shop Online for Best Price

Remodeling or installing a new bathroom, the focal point is the vanity basin. The choice of the vanity basin can determine how beautiful your bathroom looks. We have an overwhelming number of styles, colors and features of Vanity Basins to choose from. Of these Glass Vanity Basins are versatile and its fluidic nature enhances the ambience of the bathroom. The Glass Vanity Basins are far more versatile and offer both functionality and add style. They are also easier to clean and maintain. 

At Kalanjiam, we have Glass Vanity Basins that can even fit small bathrooms. They can be wall mounted and occupy less space. We also have vessel sinks in different shades and colors to match the color scheme of your bathroom. 

Talk to us 044 25332526/ 044 25332527 and we will be very happy to guide you and help you choose the basin that will suit your requirements. 

Check our collection of Glass vanity Basins here:

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May 03 2016.