The right padlock which is a perfect fit for your home.

The right padlock which is a perfect fit for your home.

Home is a busy place where family members and visitors come in and out – some days more so than others. While they all need access to the house – do you really want everyone to have access to every room? How do you keep certain rooms safe, secure, and private? How can you control who has access to which rooms and when?


Padlocks are the perfect answer to all of the above questions. Padlocks can be used to restrict access to an area or room in your home. A Padlock is the right & perfect fit for the doors of your home. Padlocks are portable locks with a shackle that may be passed through an opening (such as a chain link) to protect against unauthorized use, theft, vandalism, or harm. They are widely used in everyday life in both low & high security installations.


Kalanjiam Hardwares offers the widest variety of padlock styles, materials and keying options of any brand. Padlocks from different manufacturers like Godrej, Yale, Europa, Globe, Link, Altec & Garg in various models are available online at Kalanjiam Hardware. For more information, visit:



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Aug 12 2016.