Safe lockers for your home

Safe lockers for your home

Storing important documents and jewelry in the Bank locker is what all of us do, but it's not a convenient option considering the time, distance and effort required to go and access your belongings. Also, we cannot access our own documents if the Bank is closed due to a holiday. With Personal lockers, we can keep our expensive jewelry and documents within our reach at any time. You can install a personal locker in your residence and access it whenever required conveniently. 

Lockers can be wall mounted or installed inside your wardrobe. There are mechanical and digital safe lockers. At Kalanjiam, we have many digital lockers with a lot of features like fingerprint scanning, Fire resistant lockers.

Shop for digital lockers at at a 20% discount. And be assured that your valuables are safe and within your reach in the comfort of your home. Digital lockers are handy and easy and a provide a great sense of security and peace of mind. 

- Kalanjiam Hardwares Kalanjiam Hardwares ,
May 19 2016.